Course curriculum

    1. Welcome

    2. Acknowledgement of Country

    3. Structure of the Course

    4. About the Authors

    5. Disclaimer

    6. Bible Use

    7. Acknowledgements

    8. Investing in Your Learning Journey

    9. Foundational Knowledge

    1. Part 1: Climate Change and Mental Health

    1. Introduction to Module 1: An Introduction to Climate Mental Health Issues

    2. The Crisis of Climate Change

    3. Climate Change Impacts on Mental Health

    4. Case Study: Farmer Suicides in India

    5. Review Questions

    6. Social Media Task

    7. Journal Prompts

    8. Recommended Reading

    9. Extension Resources

    10. References

    1. Introduction to Module 2: Pastoral Care for Climate Anxiety

    2. What is Climate Anxiety?

    3. Pastoral Care for Climate Distress

    4. Climate Anxiety as Adaptive

    5. Caring For Yourself

    6. A Word about Hope

    7. Pre-Traumatic Stress Disorder

    8. When to Refer to Professional Help

    9. Case Study 1: "Sophie"

    10. Case Study 2: Ash Sanders

    11. Review Questions

    12. Social Media Task

    13. Journal Prompts

    14. Recommended Reading

    15. Extension Resources

    16. References

About this course

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  • Four Learning Comprehension Assignments
  • Certificate of Completion


“Congratulations on this terrific piece of work, you have done a great job of distilling literature from many sources to produce a well constructed and thoughtful course.”

Dr. Sally Gillespie

“I think it is marvellous that this resource is being developed and will be accessible to lots of people. Thank you for your passion and vision in helping to develop it, and for asking me to be a small part of it.”

Rev. Elizabeth Raine

“What an amazing amount of research and gathering you did to put this course together. I've done a couple other groups and this has a feel of real expertise and depth.”

Melissa Carlson, student

“I think it is fabulous - Module 8 is wonderful with such great references. I hope it is…well received.”

Carol Ride, Psychology for a Safe Climate

“What wonderful resources! There is SO MUCH here!”

Rev. Dr. Barbara Allen

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Hear from a panel of experts, including Dr. Sally Gillespie, Rev. James Bhagwan, Rev. Doug Kaufman, and Rev. Talitha Amadea Aho. Co-sponsored by Waterspirit and Common Grace.

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